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C++0x: A Status Update Friday, October 29, 2010

C++0x is the unofficial name of the planned new standard for the C++ programming language. It is intended to replace the existing C++ standard. Here are a few resources related to C++0x:

C++0x – Richer/Easier…

C++0x – Scott Meyers . . .

C++0x threading – As easy as C#/Java . . .

Finally, VC++ 2010 depends on . . .

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A Paradigm Shift to Functional Programming Friday, October 15, 2010

People who work on F# at Microsoft say that functional programming is very much in demand at financial institutions – a big money-maker for Microsoft.

This is a critical signal to developers from the business world! — a paradigm shift — functional is the official king of business! Every developer must master functional (F# / Haskell / Ocaml) if they want a future in software…
In the case of F# there is a feeling that there was a strong thirst from users, especially in the financial institutions, for a functional language implementation

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Intel Falling Behind in the GPU Race? Friday, October 8, 2010

AMD’s Zacate:

“On average we saw a 55% improvement over the Intel Core i5 system.”

“The Zacate GPU performance we’re seeing here today is completely unoptimized as well. The clocks aren’t final, drivers aren’t fine tuned and although we’re close to release, there’s still potentially more performance on the table.”

It must hurt Intel that a newbie product shows 55% better performance than its i5, that too unoptimized.

June 2010: Intel’s Sandy Bridge loses out to NVIDIA . . .

“On average, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280, released in June 2008, was 2.5 times faster than the Intel 3.2GHz Core i7 960 processor, and more than 14 times faster under certain circumstances.”

July 2010: Intel is experimenting on revolutionary photonics . . .

But they are so hurt technically . . .

Aug 29th 2010: Intel’s new products are falling short of competition on the day of their announcement . . .

“Unofficial benchmark results have indicated that the Sandy Bridge GPU could perform equivalently to an AMD HD 5450, but we’re not ready to trust those numbers just yet.”

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