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Marlabs Analytics Offerings

Are your company’s decisions backed by solid Information? Do you have the means to derive key insights from the data gold mine you are sitting on? Are you equipped with the right technology to handle the ever growing data universe? How well do you understand your customer?

Analytics empowers decision makers with insights and foresights to make informed, timely and fact based business decisions. Powered by BI/Analytics CoE, Marlabs can transform your huge data into knowledge thereby helping you improve business outcomes and keeping you ahead of emerging trends. Our expertise in predictive analytics will provide you with the Business insights you need to make faster and smarter business decisions and stay ahead of your competition.

Our offerings are designed to help you understand your customer needs and cement a relationship that would stand the test of time. Be it customer sentiments or Campaign Analytics we have an offering that will cater to each of these needs.

Marlabs understands you well. Our programming and maintenance team will work with you to Design, Develop, Customize our offering as per your business needs using a variety of cutting edge technology tools like SAS, SPSS, R, OpenNLP, Minitab. Our maintenance team ensures business continuity at all times.

Mobile App & Web Testing in the Cloud

Ravindra Pilli is currently a Mobile Test Architect at MARLABS and has had an article published in June’s edition of the international journal, Testing Experience.  An excerpt from the article is below,

There is rapid growth in the development of new mobile applications and millions of mobile device users around the world are consuming them instantly on their smartphones and tablets. No wonder. Mobility is a key factor as companies rethink their business models, re-invent their workforces, and rewire their operations for tomorrow.

Building and testing mobile apps that work flawlessly and satisfy demanding users is not easy – or inexpensive. But what if testing team could:

Reduce test infrastructure costs and increase test quality: Centralized,software-based and efficient hardware introduction.

Deliver the fastest time-to-market: Dramatic improvement of new handsets, applications and content introduction time.

Automate mobile app and web testing: easy implementation of testing scripts on new devices and a significant reduction in testing time, along with a higher quality testing methodology.

Provide a highly scalable solution: Non-intrusive handset connectivity, and high-density, swappable devices.

Securely test 24/7 from anywhere: highly secure over Wi-Fi/cable. Cloud-based mobile testing is a solution that makes all this possible and can combine mobile test strategy with the benefits of cloud technology to enhance the quality and operations of your testing teams. "

To continue reading, go to and download June’s edition of the journal for free.

Ravindra Pilli is currently a Mobile Test Architect at MARLABS and has more than 8 years of experience as a test engineer, senior test engineer, testing TL, and mobile test architect. Ravindra is part of the Testing CoE which works on functional, automation, compatibility, performance, network, and field testing.

The 3Ms of Mobile Testing : Management, Methodology and Metrics

According to a recent IDC report, smartphone shipments are forecast to reach 1.7 billion units in 2017. Therefore, maintaining the quality of these devices becomes all the more important to the manufacturers’ success. A less than satisfactory mobile experience can have a direct impact on revenue. This makes testing extremely important.

Mobile testing is considerably more complex compared to testing desktop or Web applications. It involves testing of applications on a diverse range of handsets that come with different screen sizes and operating systems. These complexities, coupled with a lack of advanced testing tools and different network connectivity options, often results in missed deadlines, exceeded budgets and poor quality. Therefore, it is important that the mobile testing solution used is functionally superior, as well as cost effective.

This webinar by Siva Prasanna Vanapalli, Senior Manager, Testing at Marlabs, discussed the three fundamentals aspects of Mobile Testing namely, Management, Methodology, and Metrics. The Management aspect covered the overall objectives of Mobile Testing focusing on the fine balance between cost and quality. Methodology covered the overall strategy used to address different challenges in Mobile Testing using the risk priority matrix and included various aspects of testing such as Functional, Automation, and Performance testing. It also discussed how those could be performed locally as well as in the cloud. The Metrics aspect covered the different KPIs across each testing type and also the general metrics that should be considered.

The webinar was well attended and had a fruitful Q and A session at the end. Some of the interesting questions that came up during the interview were:

  • How can smart testing be done while covering a wide variety of devices and OS combinations?
  • How can testing be performed locally without going to cloud, an activity that warrants high costs?
  • What are the different aspects of automation framework that can be considered?
  • How important is it to maintain metrics during Mobile Testing? should they be tracked separately from regular testing?

You can download a pdf of the webinar here!